The modern woman is more interested than ever in paring down her wardrobe and eliminating stress caused by a cluttered closet full of fast fashion and trendy items. The ability to choose from a collection of high quality basic styles allows you to evaluate the value each piece is bringing into your life. Before you begin the process of choosing what pieces you want to add to your collection, it is important to understand the effect that a few simple & functional pieces can have on your life.

ultra sporty bikini tops


Save Time & Energy: a curated collection of functional basics reduces the stress and anxiety of getting ready. No matter where you are going or what you are doing, you can rest assured that your all bases are covered. You can travel lighter, get ready faster, and have more energy to focus on your passions.

Save Money: when you shop with intention, you are able to vet out trends that will come and go by the next season. And by selecting high quality pieces that will last, you will no longer waste your hard earned money on swimwear that falls off, is unflattering, or overdesigned.

Look Chic: trends come & go, but style is forever. The term basics was coined for a reason, these are timeless styles that naturally enhance every woman’s beauty. They are understated designs that make your style look effortless, because it is.


Women’s lives are becoming increasingly complex as they are pursuing their passions, connecting with family, friends, and their community like never before. With all this going on, you have better things to do than worry about the next trend. However, you also want to be the chicest one on the sand. The key to achieving both is building a collection of core styles around your unique lifestyle.



Our swimwear styles are as functional as they are chic. Each piece is made with high quality, soft & buttery fabric so you’ll love slipping them on. Each piece is carefully designed without hardware, ties, or padding so that they can form fit to your unique shape. Seamless bottom seams combine with banded top seams for flattering functionality like never before.

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